Seen as One

My desirable thought,

When thoughts surface my awareness from the deepest cornerstones of my being, I feel they have exhausted their power, and what I utter or write, is just, transparent, vacuous and meaningless.

If you could see, if you could feel what resides within me!

Watching the sunset, are your words nothing but endless minute pieces of a puzzle ? Connecting them together only forms such small fragments of what you want to express.

You cage reality in what you can express!

What agony is that of choosing your words!

Now I can share the agony of the painter when choosing his colors.

Now I can share the agony of the composer when choosing his notes.

When you discover a unique feeling of augmenting euphoria, of boundless generosity, of mystical power and creativity, how can you be denied of its truth when you cannot express it? Is the inexpressible the same with the non-existent ?

When you express such an exhilarating condition, it is not the validity of the condition that is questioned, but the validity of its expression.

How could the word Love entail what I mean?

It is still an unknown word in all the dictionaries of the world. But in a lover’s heart, its meaning is engraved in a language that he endlessly tries to decipher to his beloved.

It is difficult to explain my love, I have acknowledged that, but during dreams and reveries fragments form images and I am allowed a short glance. I catch sight of the love within us, because your uniqueness has stimulated my recollection of that quality that you share among you, and this element of abstract womanhood is all I need to find and be in love with the face my inner being felt attraction for.

Every time I love a woman, I love a human also, and so I am allowed to delve into the deepest caverns of human desire and fear. I am allowed to enter forsaken vaults that hide insecurities unknown to the common eye. There, I have acquired my understanding of humanity.

Intellectual discourse upon this subject does not expose all its manifestations unless it is done under the intoxication of love. There you are not only allowed to smell the loftiest aromas of oneself, but you are given a chance to plunge yourself into the essence of the other’s being, accepting the trespasser with a full mutual awareness.

Cautious feelings are surpassed, for caution is the fear of uncertainty, while love is the rejection of both certainty and uncertainty.

When you love, the opposites we have inserted in order to make life possible dissolve under the importance of being.

Things are seen as One;

experiencing death in life and

life in death.

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Alexandros Lysios

Alexandros is a grateful recipient of erotic grace & a lifelong learner on honoring it. For more biographical info click here.

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